Footpath & Drains

footpath (also pedestrian way, walking trail, nature trail) is a type of thoroughfare that is intended for use only by pedestrians and not other forms of traffic such as motorized vehicles, cycles, and horses. They can be found in a wide variety of places, from the center of cities, to farmland, to narrow mountain ridges. Urban footpaths are usually paved, may have steps, and can be called alleys, lanes, steps, etc.

storm drainstorm sewer (US), surface water drain/sewer (UK), or storm-water drain (Australia and New Zealand) is designed to drain excess rain and ground water from impervious surfaces such as paved streets, car parks, parking lots, footpaths, sidewalks, and roofs. Storm drains vary in design from small residential dry wells to large municipal systems.

Whether it is the construction or maintenance of the footpaths or Drainage  system you need, SACOPK can provide the full service, advice and machinery required to carry out the works to a high, professional standard.

SACOPK can advise on the best way to carry out and organize the footpath construction.