Overhead Pedestrian Bridges

A footbridge (also called a pedestrian bridge, pedestrian overpass, or pedestrian over-crossing) is a bridge designed for pedestrians and in some cases cyclists, animal traffic, and horse riders, instead of vehicular traffic. Footbridges complement the landscape and can be used decoratively to visually link two distinct areas or to signal a transaction. In many developed countries, footbridges are both functional and can be beautiful works of art and sculpture. For poor rural communities in the developing world, a footbridge may be a community’s only access to medical clinics, schools and markets,

SACOPK are also bridge manufacturer that specializes in metal pre-manufactured bridges. We realize most people have no previous experience with building a bridge, or bridge construction costs.

Many Bridge Contractors choose SACOPK for a reason.  They know our pedestrian bridges cost less. They know we are a premium bridge fabricator, and our bridge structures consist of (but are not limited to):

Pedestrian Bridges ( Overhead or Elevated Prefab Bridges ), Park Bridge and, Sky-walk, Overpass , Utility Bridge ( Ex: Pipe Support Bridges ), etc…

SACOPK may also recommend Bridge Installers (Bridge Builders / Bridge Contractors / Bridge Constructors ) for your bridge building needs, to ensure a complete & seamless bridge construction.