Cat Eyes milled studs are used in order to clearly define roads, bus and cycle lanes, as well as creating a traffic calming effect. In addition, for obvious road safety purposes, they delineate the boundary between the highway and the verge, discouraging motorists from getting too close to the edge of the road, and in the process reducing damage to road edges.

SACOPK  is an authorized 3M converter/Distributor, we can install cats eye studs in all colors required by Pakistan road network regulations. Using colored studs heightens drivers awareness not only at night, but equally in low visibility conditions.

We install the studs in cavities cut by a specially designed cutter head. The cavities are in two sizes; one-way markers are approximately 1.2m in length, while two-way markers require cavities that are approximately 2.1m. They are then secured using a 2-part epoxy adhesive, 1.6cm below the surface of the road. The studs are effectively maintenance free, using the action of tyres passing over them to self clean the durable rubber insert.